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911 Board
Amendment to Ordinance 3-93
WHEREAS, This ordinance creates the Jennings County 911 Centralized Communications Center that will coordinate emergency dispatch for Police, Fire, Ambulance services. The center will facilitate emergency services to its citizens and coordinate with other emergency care providers. WHEREAS, JENNINGS COUNTY has entered into contractual relations with telephone companies to facilitate an emergency telephone system in Jennings County, Indiana; and,

911 Advisory Board Members

Sheriff Kenny Freeman
Sheriff Department Representative

Council Member Dave Woodall
Jennings County Council Representative

Council Member Dave Turner
Jennings County Commissioner Representative

Chief James Webster
North Vernon Police Department Representative

Council Member Pat York
North Vernon City Council Representative

Director Dave Gerth
Rescue 20 Representative

Assistant Chief David Owsley
Jennings County Fire Chief's Association Representative

1. There is hereby created the Jennings County Emergency Telephone System Advisory Board comprised of the following members:
(a.) Sheriff of Jennings County, Inidiana, or his designee, who is employed within the Sheriff's Office; and
, (b.) Chief of Police of the City of North Vernon, Indiana, or his designee, who is employed within the City o North Vernon Police Department; and,
(c.) Director of Jennings County Rescue 20 or his designee, who is employed within the Rescue 20 operation; and,
(d.) President of Jennings County Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., or his designee who is an officer of that corporation; and,
(e.) A designee of the Jennings County Council who is a resident of Jennings County, Indiana; and,
(f.) A designee of the City Council of North Vernon, Indiana, who is a resident of Jennings County, Indiana; and,
(g.) A designee of the County Commissioners of Jennings County, Indiana, who is a resident of Jennings County, Indiana.

2. The Jennings County Emergency Telephone System Advisory Board shall have the following authority:
(1) Finance, purchase, acquire, lease, erect, install, construct, equip, upgrade, operate, and maintain facilities of the Emergency Telephone System;
(2) Condem, appropriate, lease, rent, purchase, and hold any real or personal property needed or considered useful in connection within facilities for the emergency telephone system;
(3) Acquire real or personal property by gift, devise, or bequest and hold, use or dispose of that property for purposes of the emergency telephone system;
(4) Design, order, contract for, construct, and equip any facilities of the emergency phone system;
(5) Employ architects, engineers, attorneys, auditors, clerks, construction managers, and other employees necessary for the financing, erection, equipping and managing of facilities on the emergency telephone system;
(6) Make and enter into all contracts and agreements necessary or incidental to accomplishing the purpose of the emergency phone system subject to budget constraints imposed by the Jennings County Council and subject to ordinances of the Jennings County Council that may limit such authority.

3. The Jennings County Emergency Telephone System Advisory Board shall meet at least quarterly and file a written reprot of its actions with the Jennings County Council on a yearly basis.
4. The Jennings County Emergency Telephone System Advisory Board shall at the first meeting, in each calendar year, elect a president and secretary.
5. This ordinance shall become effective on the 18th day of April, 1994.
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