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Clinic Programs
Immunization Administration Fee - $5.00 per child
Hemoglobin - $5.00
Glucose - $5.00
Adult Hepatitis B Vaccinations - $60.00 per dose(series of three)
TB Skin Test - $15.00 (Tested on Tuesday, read 48 hours later on Thursday)
Please call the Health Department to verify availability for TB Skin tests.
(TB Skin Test Reading for Offisite Placement $10)

Additional Fees

Xerox copies - $1.00 per page
1 to 10 pages - $1.00 per page
11 to 50 pages - $0.50 per page
51+ pages - $0.25 per page
Faxed Copies - $2.00 per page

**Cash or Checks accepted**

Pam Petry
Public Health Nurse RN-MSN
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