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Q:   When are you open?
A:   8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Closed holidays and weekends.
Q:   Where are you located?
A:   173 East Brown Street, Vernon, Indiana on the northeast corner of the Courtyard Square in the Jennings County Court Services Building. We are in the former Jennings County Sheriff's Department (1953-2001).
Q:   How can I find out if I have an active warrant for my arrest?
A:   Go to the Sheriff's Department with a Picture ID.
Q:   Where are AA/NA meetings held?
A:   Check the website:   Alcoholics Anonymous
Q:   What are my fees?
A:   General Fees:
Court Costs • Non-driving Offense $183.00
Court Costs • Driving Offense $183.50
Initial Probation Felony Fee: $100.00
Initial Probation Misdemeanor Fee: $50.00
Monthly Probation User's Fee (Felony): $30.00
Monthly Probation User's Fee (Misdemeanor): $20.00
Probation Administration, Felony Fee: $100.00
Probation Administration , Misdemeanor Fee: $50.00
Urine Drug Testing Fee - $120.00
Q:   Where do I pay my fees?
A:   Jennings County Clerk's Office - 1st floor Courthouse
Phone: 812.352.3070
Q:   How can I get an extension on my fees?
A:   You cannot get an extension on fees.
Q:   Can I use a credit card or write a check to pay fees?
A:   No, only cash or money orders are accepted.
Q:   Can I travel out of state while on probation?
A:   Only the Supervising Judge can permit you to leave the state while on probation. Your request must be sent at least 5 working days prior to leaving the state, excluding holidays and weekends. Include your name, address, cause number, probation officer's name, reason for travel, dates and places of travel, and return date. You will be sent a Court Order either granting or denying your request.
Q:   Can I talk to the Judge about my case?
A:   No, Indiana State Law forbids the Judge to speak about any pending or future cases.
Q:   Can I report information on a probationer anonymously?
A:   Yes, you may call us if you have information regarding someone on probation.
Q:   Can I find out if someone is on probation?
A:   Yes. Only information related to probation status and the original charges can be released.
Q:   Can people on probation drink alcohol?
A:   Violation of Conditions of Probation.
Q:   Can I live or stay in a house that has alcohol, firearms, or scanners even if they aren't mine?
A:   No.
Q:   What cases does your office handle?
A:   All Misdemeanor convictions and 'D' Felony OMVWI convictions.
Q:   What are the main charges you handle?
A:   OMVWI, Possession of Marijuana, Check Deception, Public Intoxication, and Driving While Intoxicated and Domestic Battery.
Q:   Who handles the other felonies and juvenile cases?
A:   Circuit Court Probation does.
Telephone:   812.352.2720
Address:   953 South State Street, North Vernon, Indiana
Q:   What does it mean to be "on probation?"
A:   When a Defendant has been convicted of an offense, the court can suspend all or some of the Defendant's sentence. If the court suspends it (meaning they do not go to jail and serve executed time), the Judge may place them on Probation. If placed on probation, the Defendant has conditions of that Probation that they must follow. If a person does not follow their rules of probation, a Petition to Revoke Probation may be filed and they will return to court for a hearing. If the Judge finds that the person violated their probation, they can be sentenced to serve their suspended time.
Q:   What is the difference between Probation and Parole?
A:   Probation is a county agency. Persons placed on probation typically receive suspended sentences and are ordered onto probation. Each county has standard conditions of probation and probationers are monitored by Probation Officers.

Parole is a division of the Indiana Department of Corrections. Persons placed on parole have received executed time and are placed on parole when they are released from prison. They are monitored by Parole Officers.
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